New Medical Technology from Ancient Trick (Reflexology) Now Elimintes Arthritis and other body pains...

...Yet Another Testimony on how he ended his Arthritis pain, Joint pain, Knee pain, Lower back  & other body pains using the New Medical Technology.

Here's Engineer Tunde's story

Pause a moment! Look at those smiles on my face…


…that’s the smile you have after over 17 years of sorrowful moments and agonizing pains all over your body, joints, lower back, knee and so on.


My name is Engineer Tunde, an arthritis patients for over 17 years. I’m 73 years old and had been suffering with both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis for about 17 years.

How it all Started...

It had all started with a little morning stiffness, redness of my joints, lower back pain, joint pains, sometimes with sensations of pins/needle and progressed over the years to nagging and excruciating pain. As a Construction engineer, certain activities made the pains worst somedays but the underlying pain was always there.

What really bothered me often time was my left knee. I had undergone arthroscopic surgery almost some years back, but it hadn’t helped. The pain gradually became worst that everything I did was slowed down. I had difficulty walking, and to my surprise, the pain worsened. I didn’t know when I started taking heavy pain-killers just to be able to walk from my room to the car. Yet it was as if nothing worked.

The Normal Arthritis Pain-relief Medications DID MORE HARM Without Lasting Results...


When the whole knee, back, waist, and joint pains got out of hand, I started taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), but these medications always upset my stomach, make me feel drowsy, dizzy, headaches and other allergic reactions every time.


But here’s what I learnt 4 years later and stopped taking those medications—I discovered that those medications and other pain-killers have very serious long-term side-effects, gradually causing more dangerous health issues like kidney failure, liver failure and heart attack (when taken for a long time). And the scariest fact is that those medications are the first prescriptions you get once you are diagnosed of any form of arthritis.

If you are in doubt, pick up your arthritis medications and check out for any of these ingredients;  Aspirin, celecoxib, diclofenac, diflunisal, etodolac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, ketoprofen, ketorolac, nabumetone, naproxen, oxaprozin, piroxicam, sulindac, tolmetin, acetaminophen.


My Condition Worsened, the Pain Increased and I was Compulsorily Retired...


It became very tough to cope with the pain when I stopped the NSAIDs. Although I always put on a brave front whenever any of my colleagues is around. But the constant pain was dealing with me seriously.


At this point, I could barely move around and only relied on the help of my wife and family to do most things. My retirement came earlier than normal as I was almost incapacitated to be in the fields. Anger, resentment and depression started setting in.


I Had Limited Options, So I Settled for any Product Just to Ease Off the Pains...


I was trying everything I read, see or hear about how to cure arthritis, whether online or in the newspapers or suggestions from friends and families.

In all honest, some of the products/medication recommendations I got worked, but most of them didn’t work. Those that worked only gave me short-term pain relief of like 2-3 months, after which the whole pain comes back again. Nevertheless, I was happy at least, I was getting temporary relief from safe and No-Side Effects products.


Late 2017 an Old Friend from US brought me this Uncommon Breakthrough...


Late 2017, an old friend of mine, Mr. Nelson visited me from the states, moved by my critical pain situation, he told me about some new technology and showed me a video of a “102-year old woman” who was able to get rid of her arthritis pains, joint inflammation, knee pain, waist pain and even regained her youthfulness. He also made mention of a New Pain-relief gel which makes the whole healing process to be faster.


As usual, I had no option other than to try his recommendation, at least I had nothing to lose. 2 months later, he sent me those products he recommended. I started using the New technology and the pain relief gel in accordance to his advice.

Though he told me not to expect overnight results, as those products worked slowly to reduce the breakdown of old, damaged cartilage, facilitate the production of new cartilage and improve proper blood circulation at my joints to cure the joint inflammation and softness.

I could simply slip-in the new technology (a foot insole) into my shoes and walk around  with it for like 10-30 minutes daily. As I got better, I used it for longer hours and even noticed better pain relief on other parts of my body.


The Chiropractor from US also Recommended a Product that helped me attempt walking instantly with less pain...


Before he traveled back to the states, Mr. Nelson had connected me with a US chiropractor who advised me on how I can get better faster. The chiropractor had wanted me to run a stress test to evaluate my heart functions, but I was having such a hard time walking that I was even unable to stay on the treadmill nor jog at all to get a significant reading.


My case was already very bad as I could barely walk again. So, recommended that I use a “Strap” on my knees several times a day so as to make it easier for me to start walking properly and almost instantly without pains. After Nine (9) days I started using the knee strap, I was able to get to the gym, took the test, walking on the treadmill for eight minutes at increasing speeds, pain-free!


It's Now Over 18 Months and I Still Walk Without Pains on my Lower back, Knee and Joints...


FREE AT LAST! I have since walked about without pains on my knee and lower back with the aid of the New Medical Technology (fool insole). I can’t remember when I last took any NSAIDs or other medications. This is over 18-months and I still walk about freely without pains nor difficulty...


...With the foot insole, the Pain Relief Gel and the Knee strap I have been able to conquer all the pain and walk freely since 2017. Though, I still use the foot insole uptill today because it feels good with lots of health benefits. Besides, I use it as a preventive measure for arthritis, back pain, joint and knee pain.


But the amazing news is that I’m back to work fully as a consultant and member "Board-of-Director" of two construction companies. I now exercise regularly, travel around and frequently spend quality times with my loved ones without pain nor difficulty.


Mr. Nelson and I now Partner with Arthritis and Diabetes Awareness to bring help you conquer your rheumatism and arthritis pains and live a happier life.


Photo Credit: Mr. Nelson (...when I paid him a visit....).



Watch the Video of the “102-year old woman” who conquered her Back pain, knee and Joint pains with the same New Medical Technology that I used.

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This is the New Medical Technology from Ancient Trick (Reflexology) Used by Engineer Tunde to Overcome Arthritis and all other Body pain.


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