Natural/Organic Skincare Business

Start Your Own Successful Natural/Organic Skincare Business with this 5-Week Online Course for Skincare Enthusiasts

Create 'high-performance' Natural & Organic Skincare products for 'Yourself' or for your 'Successful' skincare business?

For years you've been buying conventional skincare products and wondering what for life's sake you are applying to your skin.


Chances are, you've been wondering where there are so few organic products that give your skin the high performance results you always desired.


If you're like me, you're always reading the labels of your skincare products and trying to understand what all these ingredients are.


I'm here to tell you that it doesn't need to be this way.


You don't need to buy skincare products packed with synthetic ingredients, cheap fillers and animal by-products.


Not only is it possible to make gorgeous organic skincare with 100% natural ingredients, but you can also run a successful business to sell them.

Global Demand for Natural/Organic Skincare Products is Booming

By 2024, the global demand for natural and organic skincare will reach $22 billion

That's right - $22 BILLION. We're talking some real Global Mega-Bucks!

There has never been a better time to launch your natural skincare business.

Will you be part of it?

Here's one secret you need to know...

Wherever you live in the world, there are desperate people who are very willing to buy your natural and organic skincare products


They are like you and I - They want to ensure that the products they use on their skin are safe and contain organic botanical ingredients.


They want to buy products that only contain 100% natural ingredients and they are willing to spend good money to buy them.

This is why I love teaching people how to formulate natural/organic skincare products

My name is Cynthia (Mhiz White) and I am an Organic Cosmetic Formulator.

I have spent the last 6 years researching and teaching the use of organics/naturals in cosmetics. I love growing many of my plants in my little garden.


A few years ago I decided that I wanted to learn properly how to make 100% natural skincare and I discovered a lot of possibilities to my skin. Yeah-I was once exactly like you and I started my learning with the exact same courses, instructions and recipes I'm giving you here. But most importantly, I now run the course that launched my online career in organic/natural skincare.


Now, I have thousands of students in 23+ countries whom are happy, looking better and making great income with the help of this exact 5-Week course. I also write special skincare topics and articles which I share to my email list of registered students and I'm currently working on my OrganicBeauty app where I intend to connect more with my students and share advanced/great skincare recipes.


My journey into natural and organic skincare shows everything you need to know about this course - the results speak for themselves as I am not the only person who has benefitted from this course.


Here're Successful Skincare businesses that were launched by people who took this course!

Are you ready to follow in their footsteps?

I know what you might be thinking...

 "I don't know where to start."

  "I can't design a successful brand."

 "I don't know how to formulate skincare products."

  "Where can I get the recipes?"

  "I don't know what laws are applicable."

 "I don't have enough funds to start"

Believe me when I say you can also become a successful Organic Skincare Entrepreneur, just like the women who set up these fabulous companies. We all were once like you...But the first step is to take-up a good skincare course.


Here's the good news - my course will give you the Freedom, Happiness and the Courage to get started

This Organic Skincare course will run you through everything you need to know, taking you from absolute Newbie to a confident Organic skincare formulator.  

In just 5 short weeks you must have gained enough knowledge to design your own range of organic skincare products.

 ...with this course, you will be well on your way to being your own boss.

Here are What You Learn in My Natural/Organic Skincare 5-week Course

Week 1 - Introduction to Skin Science (Be Skin Smart)

Here, you learn all about the skin science so you can sound like an expert when you talk to your customers about your products. Also, you learn the skincare formulation principles. Understand the good and bad ingredients with they have different effects on the skin and how the skin stays healthy. This is very essential.

  •  Understand the Basic Cream formulation Principles
  •  Know the Materials needed
  •  Know the Quantity Measurements and Conversions
  •  Learn to cosmetically know the different Skin Typs
  •  Knowing Bad Ingredients
  •  Be able to understand how the skin works
  •  Learn about the different types of ingredient and how they work together
  •  Learn about active ingredients and functional additives
  •  Learn about the effect of cosmetic toxins on the skin and health
  •  Learn how the skin stays healthy and youthful


Week 2 - Creams, Lotions, Oils & Soaps (100% body range skincare)

Learn to prepare a fine range of quality bodycare products. Impress your customers  with delightful and exquisite ranges that make their whole body glow with health and beauty.

  •      Make amazing half-caste, super-halfcaste,Moroccan, Asian, Phillipino, African and more skincare  products that will match any of your clients no matter the continent.
  •     European, African, Asian, American spas.
  •     Create a natural body shine lotion, creams, face cream, hand-cream that will make heads turn.
  •     Access the best formulas for exclusive body butters, balms, soaps, shower gels.
  •     Create a wide-range of skin-suppling and glowing organic scrubs/exfoliates.

Week 3 - Advanced Skincare Formulations

Here's where you get to really shine and become a super-expert in more-advanced  skincare formulations. Creating skincare products from scratch is AMAZING but you can become more with your bespoke recipes. This week you will learn to add that unique touch to give your skincare range the standout factor.

  •  Learn more than the ordinary formulations that give more better results.
  •  Learn about formulations you can use for your high-ticket customers
  •  Learn combo formulations for making luxurious skincare kits/sets
  •  Techniques to create skincare that will turn customers into a loyal buyers.
  •   Create combo products to delight your customers and make your products stand out from the crowd

 Week 4 - Organic Skincare for Skin Problems

Here's where you get to really learn the formulations that will endear you to your clients and get you more recommendations. This week you will learn to tackle skin problems like acne, sunburn, greenvein, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, stretchmarks and dark body parts. These problems are quite complex in their own right and so I have devoted an entire week to them.

  •  Learn the range of formulations that are best for skin problems
  •  Special secret natural recipes for reducing the dreaded cellulite & stretchmarks.
  •   Learn the secrets of good blending for gorgeous skin looks

Week 5 - Extra Formulations on Special Skincare

Learn organic/natural formulations on other special skincare to take care of extra skin needs.

  •  Learn the range of formulations for hair growth and health
  •  Special secret natural recipes for reducing hair-breakage.
  •   Learn the secrets of weightloss, flat tummy, belly fat and general healthy look
  •   Create cosmetics that uplift, soothe, and revitalize your clients.

You get these special bonuses once you enrol Now...


Bonus 1: Get Access to My Private Members-Only 6-Month Mentorship (worth=$750)

Join the hundreds of people who have taken this course before you and get support/strategy after the 5-week training.

Here, you get to ask me any question pertaining skincare and beauty. This lasts for 6-months even after the 5-weeks course. This gives you enough time to get maximum support from me while you practice what you've learnt. 

You also get to connect with fellow entrepreneurs online and join a community where we encourage and support each other around the world.

This one normally as much as $750 to join but you get access to this for FREE.


Bonus 2: Receive My Exclusively Special Facials Guide. (worth =$97)


Forget spending time and money at your local spa. The secret to great face is now in your hands! Pamper yourself and your clients with these special and luxurious facials.

Here are some of my best facials which I painstakingly put together for you. The recipes in this guide is enough to give you a successful brand.

One of my students focused on facials only. Most of her recurring sales are from the recipes she got from this guide. You could as well be like her.


Bonus 3: One-on-One Online Training Consultations. (worth= Priceless)


Pause!..Listen closely...YOU MATTER!

Here, I will get to answer your questions in real-time. I will also handle your training on real-time as well. Even after you've gotten your training manuals, eboks and others, you will have that chance to ask me questions as we go through the courses.

However, this very bonus is only available for a limited time and for the Fast Action Takers; as there are limits to the number of students I can respond to at a time.

So, for the first 17 students to enrol each week, I will give you my Personal phone number for a Real-time chat so I can give you the my best in this Organic Skincare niche.


Bonus 4: A list of Recommended Ingredients Suppliers Worldwide. (worth=$157)


For the Action-taker like you that will Enrol Now, this bonus is Specially for you! This bonus is my way of rewarding you for not Proscrastinating...I bet you like that, right?

I will give you a list of trusted organic skincare ingredients sellers worldwide to source for your ingredients and packaging materials.

Unsolicited Success Stories & Testimonials...

Read what the graduates of this course have to say... 

"The difference between Good and Best is a coach like you. Your Motivation is like an aeroplane--it gets us exactly where we want to be in the best possible time. Thanks Mhiz White. You are my Ultimate source of Inspiration. Forever Grateful"

--Mirabel, Mira Skincare.

"I want to sincerely appreciate you for the good knowledge you are sharing to help us, women have healthy skin and happy lives. I know about many of the ingredients listed already, but I didn't know how to extract the essentials and use them on my skin. Honestly, from your insight, my $187 paid for this course has been put to a good us.

Nevertheless, It was very awesome with your courses. Thanks so much because you form a very vital part of what I am today and the successful brand I own."

--Mary Ikel, MayFacials

"Hey House, I just can't explain how Mhiz White is good. Honestly I have done a lot of courses online but this is the most comprehensive and most educative. She did'nt hide anything from us even the deep secrets of skincare formulations were revealed. The truth is if you see my skin and that of my mum, you won't believe it. Thanks to the special super toning creams & black soap. My skin is soooo soft/smooth (my husband loves touching it because it feels like that of a baby). I'm so grateful and believe. You are the best, Mhiz White. Kisses"


"I thought I already know it all when it comes to skincare recipes and formulations, little did I know I'm just a novice. Her Organic Promixing makes so much sense (tried some already and they're dope AF). Mhiz White actually went all out to give me all I needed about skin care and cosmetics."

--Lizzy Pink, Pinky Salon & Spa

"Hello Ma'am. I just want to thank you so much for the wonderful course/training. I really got more than I paid for. Meanwhile, I'm very glad to inform you that I have started a brand and I'm getting positive feedbacks from my customers, already. Thank you so much, God bless you."

--Catalia, Catalia Skincare


"I started as a complete novice, but the Mhiz White Natural/Organic Skincare course was so comprehensive, by the end of the 5 weeks, I knew all I needed to make my own products and set up in business.  

The amazing online help via the closed group 6-month mentorship and the live one-on-one chat meant that any question or query was answered almost straight away!  

Fast forward now, I just made my Skin Glow Herbal soap "MHIZ WHITE Recipe." I package it and have already sold 13 pieces to my colleague, just waiting for their positive feedback. Thanks for this opportunity."

--Dami, Damncute Skincare




Are you ready to Create 'high-performance' Organic beauty products, for 'yourself' or to launch a ' Successful' business today?

There has never been a better time to create those high-performance skincare products and launch your career in natural skincare.

The mainstream cosmetics industry is still churning out even much more products after products made with synthetic ingredients that no one can identify the ingredients.

You now have the opportunity to build up a niche following in a market that is still growing and is in hot demand with consumers.


This course has helped hundreds of people all over the world kick-start their dream of becoming an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur.

These women are living the dream of setting up their own business and selling their gorgeous natural products all over the world.


Take my course today to become a skilled natural skincare formulator of tomorrow.

Here's a Brief List What You Learn From My 5-Week Course and More!

Just to give you a sneak peek into what you do get from my course....


-Understanding the Basic Cream Formulation Principles
-Reasons Skin Products don't work on your skin
-Why the skin have acne, pimples and blemishes

-Materials needed
-Quantity Measurements and Conversions
-How to Determine Your Skin Type
-Simple daily routine that improves the skin

-Knowing Bad Ingredients
-Knowing the Ingredients Needed
-Organic Skin Care ingredients list
-Natural Organic skin care beauty tips
-Basics of Soaps and Creams
-Lightening/Whitening Powders
-How To Make Mosturizing Cream
-How to do a double boiler
-Top 25 Essential Skin Care mix
-How to Make Talking Oil
-How to Make Glow Oil
-How to Make Repair Oil
-How to Make Base Cream
-What are Presevatives
-What Preservatives are not
-How to use Preservatives
-Preservatives and soap (cold & melt/pour processes)
-What kind of preservatives are out there
-Final words on Preservatives



-Dark Knuckles Eraser Soap
-Dark Knuckles Cleanser
-Dark Under Arm Whiter
-Dark Knuckles Cream Remover (Advanced)
-Dark Circles Remover
-Dark Spot around Neck
-Dark Spot in Knees and Elbows
-Dark Thighs Treatment
-Dark Thighs Treatment (Advanced)
-Peel Off Mask for Blackhead Removal
-Promixing Sunburn Cleanser
-Sunburn treatment
-How to Prepare Sunscreen SPF 25+ (Expert recipe)
-How To Make Carrot Glow Lotion
-Anti-Aging Lotion
-Anti-Aging And Wrinkle Mask
-Anti-Aging Cream
-Anti-aging Scrub (Advanced)
-Stretch Mark Soap
-Promixing Stretch Mark Cream
-Stretch marks oil
-Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream (Advanced)
-Pimples Cleanser Type1
-Pimples Face Cream (Expert mix)
-Promixing Pimples Eradicator Soap
-Promixing Spot Removal Soap
-Herbal Cream For Bleached Skin
-Spot Removal Soap
-Body Spot Cream (Expert mix)
-Facial Spot Eraser And Remover
-Face Moisturizing Cream (Expert mix)
-Extreme White Face Cream (Advanced)
-Acne Cleanser for Acne
-Acne face mask
-How to Stop Green Vein

For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.


Included in this course:

• 5 weeks of modules including handouts, eBooks, and PDFs to teach you how to become an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur

• Practical Recipes to give you experience in formulating  Natural skincare products

Plus the following Bonuses:

• An invite to my private members-only 6-Month mentorship to benefit from the shared wisdom of mine and other students and graduates

• My Exclusively  Special (Worth $197) Facials guide

• One-on-One Real time Training/Consultations.

I wish to take ALL THE RISK away from you, right now. So, I offer you a...


LIFETIME unconditional money back guarantee.


Feel free at anytime to request for 100% refund if you don't feel satisfied by my course


Register Now to Enjoy (63% DISCOUNT)


OR Wait  a little more & pay the normal price of


IMPORTANT! Make sure you complete the Registration process after you've paid for the Course or you will not receive your Course Materials.


What are the Most Frequently Asked Questions about My Natural/Organic Skincare Course?

Q1. I haven't recieved any materials yet, but I have paid for my course?

A. Did you follow the mandatory enrolment instructions after you paid for your course? If you fail to fill in the enrolment form then I can't send out the lessons so make sure you fill that in. Also please check your spam/junk folder for my emails.

Q3. What kinds of recipes are covered by this course?

A. This course trains you to be a skin expert and skilled formulator with expert abilities to create a multitude of skincare products from scratch. This will allow you to make much better skincare that clients will pay more for. I also give away recipe eBooks to give you even more help.

Q5. How long is the course and can I study at my own pace?

A. There are 5 lessons which are emailed out once or weekly but you do not have to study everything within 5 weeks. The course materials and projects are fully downloadable so you get to keep them forever. This allows you to study at your own pace. Besides, the 6-Month mentorship gives you enough time to experiment more with what you've learnt, ask necessary question and get winning strategies/support.

Q2. What kind of learning support do I receive?

A. Because this is partly a self-study program there are email supports from my team. You may not get a direct emails from me always. But be rest-assured that all your questions, my team and I will be attend to them. Also, once you enrol now, you qualify to be added to a group of graduates, past students and skincare entrepreneurs all over the world...The support there is massive, priceless and you get to stay long after you finish the course.

Q4. Who is this course suitable for?

A. Anyone who wants to set up their own natural skincare business. Many of my students have no background in the beauty industry, although some of my students are aestheticians, beauty therapists, herbalists and facialists. This course is for you, if you wish to create products for your personal use or for business.  

Q6. I live in the USA (Africa, Europe / Canada / Australia), can I still take this course?

A. Yes. This course is an international self-study program, anyone in the world with access to the internet and a good grasp of English can benefit from this course.


Is your question not answered here? E-mail

...More Testimonials from my Happy Students

For your security, all orders are processed on a secure server.


Included in this course:

• 5 weeks of modules including handouts, eBooks, and PDFs to teach you how to become an Organic Skincare Entrepreneur

• Practical Recipes to give you experience in formulating  Natural skincare products

Plus the following Bonuses:

• An invite to my private members-only 6-Month mentorship to benefit from the shared wisdom of mine and other students and graduates

• My Exclusively  Special (Worth $197) Facials guide

• One-on-One Real time Training/Consultations.

• An Ultimate compilation of Recommended Ingredients suppliers worldwide (...Only if you Enrol Now) .



I wish to take ALL THE RISK away from you, right now. So, I offer you a...


LIFETIME Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.


Feel free at anytime to request for 100% refund if you don't feel satisfied by my course


Register Now to Enjoy (63% DISCOUNT)


OR Wait  a little more & pay the normal price for my course




Committed to Your Success...

Mhiz White

Office B18 Luxury Apartments, Plateaux



There's no reason you wouldn't take up this Limited-Time Offer and Join hundreds of Happy & Successful Skincare Entrepreneurs, so cut the chase and Enrol Now.

If you need any clarifications email 

PS: Enrol Today and Enjoy all the benefits of Mhiz White Natural/Organic Skincare Course. The List of what you to learn which I mentioned above is just a Handful of what's available. The full list has over 120 different Topics, Recipes, Formulation and more you will benefit from this course.




















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