Mhiz White Natural/Organic Skincare & Body Enhancement Course

Create 'High-Performance' Natural/Organic Skincare products for 'Your Skin' or for your 'Successful' Skincare Business.

...there're more ebooks to download









Yes, I know you would want to have ALL the ebooks as well....


But it's not for everyone.You have to qualify for it.


Without taking much of your time; I will make this short and straight to the point. As a fellow woman I know you have lots to read and do.


So back to the Free Ebooks...


It's Not for everybody, period. There's something very important you must do and know to get them...Besides, giving you such number of Free ebooks without first putting your through some necessary basics will just be a waste of time & resources.


...the same way it will be a waste of time and resources if your doctor gives you loads of drugs over an ailment without proper prescription, dosage and guidance.


The 6 ebooks contains over 157 Organic/Natural Skincare Recipes for both Basic Promixing & Advanced Promixing!


So, you will definitely need to be put through and guided properly to achieve that flawless/toned skin you so much desire...


...As you already know;


Organic Skincare is not for everyone, it's only for those who are ready to commit and learn. You really need to understand whatever you're going to get from those ebooks.


Also, cream-mixing and advanced promixing comes with so much technicalities and secrets...


...and without proper guide and commitment, you may end up like those women who got their skin burnt in the name of cream mixing or as a result of wrongly done "fast-action" cheap products.


So, if you really want to get those Extra FREE Ebooks, you have to read this page to the end (that's the only way you can know what's required of you to Qualify...)


At this point, Let me introduce myself.

My name is Cynthia (Mhiz White) and I am a Natural/Organic Skincare and Body Enhancement Expert.

I have spent the last 5 years researching and teaching the use of organics/naturals in cosmetics.

And in the past 4 years I have helped over 1270 Nigerian women and over 113 women from other countries to achieve flawless, smooth and well-toned skin using Organic Promixing & Advance Promixing recipes.


A few years ago I made a decision; I wanted to learn properly how to make 100% natural skincare and I discovered a lot of possibilities to my skin.

Yeah-I was once exactly like you.

I started my learning with some of the ingredients, instructions and recipes you will find in the 6-ebooks above. You will also find the hidden secrets which I have learnt over the years.

But most importantly, I now run the course that launched my online career in organic/natural skincare.


Now, I have hundreds of students in 17+ countries who are happy, looking better and making great income with the help of the contents of my Ebooks.

...the results speak for themselves as I am not the only person who has benefitted from those Ebooks (Check below).

...What other are saying about My Organic Skincare Training/Ebooks

...More Skin-transformation Testimonies & Business Successes

Are you still interested in the 6 ebooks?

Smiles,...I just heard you say "YES!"


For you to get the 6 ebooks Free-of-Charge; You have to join and undergo my Online Organic Skincare Training (to be put through, guided and instructed properly enough) so you can...


...first, Understand the usage and secrets recipes contained in the ebooks;


secondly, know the exact steps to take in order to achieve flawless looks or make some cool cash through your skincare business...


...Thirdly, know the right mixing and combinations to make your products unique and very special.


And many much more to know.


You will also......Learn 157+ Organic Ways To TONE Your Skin EVENLY & PERMANENTLY; Cure ACNE, PIMPLES, Dark-Spots, GREEN-VEINS, Sunburns, SCARS, Cream Reaction, DARK-KNUCKLES & STRETCHMARKS AND MANY MORE (...from a Skin-Care EXPERT).


 The Benefits of this Organic Skincare Training

 Here are Exactly what you will get from this Organic Skincare Training with Mhiz White...

  • Special/ Latest Upgraded Skin care Secret-Recipes and Tips
  • 157+ FLAWLESS Skin care Recipes (...Top Secret known to few Nigerian women)
  • 5+ Free Ebooks with Extra Hidden Skincare Tips (those 6 FREE ebooks above)
  • 15+ Practical VIDEOS
  • Over 35 Secret-Recipes to PERMANENTLY Cure Acne, Pimples, Dark-spots, Dark-knuckles, Sunburn, Stretchmarks, Cellulites, Cream reaction & Others
  • New Tips About PEELING OIL and Skin Whitening
  • Over 26 contacts of Genuine & Trusted Ingredient Sellers, NATIONWIDE
  • Well-illustrated and CLEAR WAYS to make your skin have that FLAWLESS Celebrity look in 2020
  • Expanded Lists of Ingredients sellers Nationwide
  • And as Usual, Numerous BONUSES for the Early Birds
  • And many more Freebies...


...with my Organic  Skincare training, You Can Be Your Own Skin Therapist and for Others.
And that's not all, you can also make Lots of cash (as much As 700k+ Per Month) selling your skincare products...


In fact; more that 42 of my past students make sales worth 107k daily from their very own organic skincare products.


I don’t Just Train, I Teach you where to get all the needed materials/ingredients. Also, I encourage you and Guide youproperly during your Individual practicals.

Above all, I will answer all Kind of Questions, Teach you properly to Avoid Mistakes and Reveal to you all the secrets other skincare tutors hide from you.


Here are what you Learn from the Organic Skincare Training (5-Day Course Outline)

  • Organic
  • Promixing
  • Advanced Promixing and
  • Expert Skin Lightening mix


1. Understanding the Basic Cream Mixing Principles
2. Essential Cream mixing acronyms and meanings
3. Materials needed
4. Quantity Measurements and Conversions
5. How to Determine Your Skin Type
6. Knowing Bad Ingredients
7. Knowing the Ingredients Needed
8. Organic Skin Care ingredients list
9. Natural Organic skin care beauty tips
10. Preservatives, Soaps and Creams
11. Lightening/Whitening Powders
12. How To Make Mosturizing Cream
13. How to do a double boiler
14. Top 25 Essential Skin Care mix
15. How to Make Talking Oil
16. How to Make Glow Oil
17. How to Make Repair Oil
18. How to Make Base Cream



DAY 2 (Creams, Lotions, Oils and Soaps)

19. Expert Half Caste Cream
20. Expert Whitening Cream
21. Chocolate Cream
22. Wrinkle Cream
23. Advanced pro-mixing Anti-Aging Cream
24. Expert Lightening/Brightening Cream
25. Fair Lady Cream ( 2 shade lighter):
26. Night Face Cream
27. Day Face Cream
28. Oily Skin Cream
29. Dry Skin Cream
30. Baby Glowing Cream
31. Body Cream for Children
32. Black Skin Cream
33. Pro-mixing Chocolate Skin Cream

34. Egyptian Milk Whitening Lotion (Expert mixing)
35. Luminous Lightening Lotion
36. Exfoliating & Moisturising Lotion (Expert mixing)
37. Kneel & Elbow Lightner
38. Indian Glow Lightening Lotion (Expert mixing)
39. Promixing Glutax Whitening Lotion
40. Papaya Whitening Lotion
41. Glutax Whitening Lotion (Expert mixing)
42. India Glow Lightening Lotion


43. Body Peeling Oil (Expert mixing)
44. Half Caste Oil
45. Fairness Serum (Expert mixing)
46. Orange Oil
47. Carrot Oil (Expert mixing)
48. Coconut Oil (Expert mix)
49. Almond Oil
50. Avocado Oil
51. Night Glow Serum

52. Shower Gel (Advanced)
53. Skin Lightening Soap (Advanced)
54. Pro mixing Whitening Melt And Pour Soap
55. Pro mixing Lightening Melt And Pour Soap
56. Egyptian Body Milk & Body Wash
57. Moisturising Scrub (Expert mix)
58. Complexion Scrub (Expert mix)
59. Baby Soap
60. Baby Shampoo
61. Body Wash Whitening (Advanced)
62. Toning Soap
63. Body Wash Soap
64. Egg Soap
65. Egg Shaped Soap
66. Egg Shaped Soap2 (Advanced)
67. Liquid Black Soap
68. How To Make Black Soap
69. Skin Glow Herbal Soap (Advanced)
70. Papaya Soap
71. Dark Underarm Scrub
72. Black Soap
73. How To Make Different Shower Gel
74. Organic Shower Gel (Expert mix)
75. Basic Shower Gel


DAY 3: (Promixing/ Advanced Promixing Whitening Creams, Half-caste kits and Super Whitening Combos)

76. Egyptian Body Lightening Milk (Advanced)
77. Egyptian Lotion
78. Egyptian Body Milk (Expert mix)
79. Arabian Glow Whitening Milk (Advanced Pro mixing )
80. India Glow Lightening Lotion
81. Moroccan Soap
82. Moroccan Lotion (Expert mix)
83. Moroccan Whitening Lotion (Advanced Pro mixing )
84. Philipino Body Whitening Cream (Advanced Pro mixing )
85. Russian White Lotion (Advanced Pro mixing )
86. Swiss Milk Lightening/Whitening Lotion
87. Swiss Milk Lightening/Whitening Body Wash
88. Swiss Milk Lightening/Whitening Cleanser
89. Swiss Milk Lightening/Whitening Scrub
90. Swiss Milk Lightening/Whitening Oil
91. Half caste Cream
92. Half caste Oil
93. Super Half-Caste Lotion
94. Super Half-Caste Shower Gel
95. Super Half-Caste Oil
96. Super Half-Caste Scrub
97. Super Half-Caste Cleanser
98. Super Half-Caste Face Cream
99. Super Half-Caste Facial Wash
100. Glutathione Body Cream
101. Glutathione Herbal Soap
102. Whitening Face Cream
103. Whitening Body Polish
104. Whitening Oil (Advanced Pro mixing )
105. Lightening Oil (Advanced Pro mixing )
106. Lightening Face Cream (Advanced Pro mixing )
107. Collagen Body Scrub
108. Super Whitening Facial Wash
109. Super Whitening Facial Cleanser
110. Promixing Herbal Cream
111. Promixing Whitening Oil
112. Promixing Filipino Lotion
113. Chocolate Body Butter Cream
114. Hot Chocolate Cream (Expert mix)
115. Hot Chocolate Lotion
116. Skin Glow Oil Chocolate And Dark Skin (Expert mix)


DAY 4 (DIY Natural Remedies for All Skin Problems)

117. Dark Knuckles Eraser Soap
118. Dark Knuckles Cleanser
119. Dark Under Arm Whiter
120. Dark Knuckles Cream Remover (Advanced)
121. Dark Circles Remover
122. Dark Spot around Neck
123. Dark Spot in Knees and Elbows
124. Dark Thighs Treatment
125. Dark Thighs Treatment (Advanced)
126. Peel Off Mask for Blackhead Removal
127. Promixing Sunburn Cleanser
128. Sunburn treatment
129. How to Prepare Sunscreen SPF 25+ (Expert recipe)
130. How To Make Carrot Glow Lotion
131. Anti-Aging Lotion
132. Anti-Aging And Wrinkle Mask
133. Anti-Aging Cream
134. Anti-aging Scrub (Advanced)
135. Stretch Mark Soap
136. Promixing Stretch Mark Cream
137. Stretch marks oil
138. Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream (Advanced)
139. Pimples Cleanser Type1
140. Pimples Face Cream (Expert mix)
141. Promixing Pimples Eradicator Soap
142. Promixing Spot Removal Soap
143. Herbal Cream For Bleached Skin
144. Spot Removal Soap
145. Body Spot Cream (Expert mix)
146. Facial Spot Eraser And Remover
147. Face Moisturizing Cream (Expert mix)
148. Extreme White Face Cream (Advanced)
149. Scars
150. Eczema
151. Acne Cleanser for Acne
152. Acne face mask
153. How to Stop Green Vein
154. How to Prevent the appearance of Green Vein (Expert recipe)


DAY 5 (Bonuses/ Freebies)


If you're Lucky to be among the first 13 persons to Join/Register Today you will get the 4-bonuses below (and you will automatically get the "Special Bonuses" too)

  • Training Manual on whatever we learn in each of the classes
  • After Classes/Training consultations
  • You will join the 2-5 months mentorship program
  • List of places in every states you can buy the chemicals


Special Bonuses if you Register/Join the training Today (Bonus Available Only Today)

  • A One-Day Special/FREE ONLINE Training with me. I will teach you some special "Experts Recipes" worth over a 100k.
  • I will give you the 2 Extra ebooks that contains over 97 recipes for several other stubborn skin problems
  • I will also give you Hidden Experts' Secret of Facials "53-Facial Recipes for Glowing/Lightening"
  • I will teach you How to make the following; + (Ebooks)

 -Natural Hair Growth Cream

-Hair Wonder Natural Oil

-Home Made Curry Leaf Hair Oil

-How To Care For Hair To Prevent Breakage Or Loss

-Learn How To Grow Natural Hair To An Incredible Lenght With A Short Period Of Time

-Home Made Hair Conditioner

-Remedy For Hair Breakage

-Home Made Baby Shampoo

-Baby Hair Growth Oil

-Baby Shampoo For Hair Growth

-Flat Tummy Drink

-Flat Tummy Cream

-How To Make Sunscreen Cream With Spf 25+

-How To Make Your Own Talking Oil

...And Many More  


"...But Mhiz White, I don't think it's possible to finish this outline in 5-Days?"

Smiles!...I could definitely guess it right.


That was what ran through your mind while you viewed the huge-course outline, right?


The course outline is actually a 5-Week course now compressed to a 5-Day intensive training so as to accomodate those that wouldn't have ordinarily afford the 5-week training, which cost between N115,000 to N175,000


And here's the answer to your doubt (better still, question).


"Yes, the course outline can be finished in 5-Days. But here's the sweet part;


You will also receive what I call 2-5 Months Mentorship Programme from me.


It means after the "5-Day intensive training on Organic Skincare with me", you still have 2-5 months to start practicing whatever you've learnt on your own. Now, from the day we finish the 5-Day intensive Training till 5-Months after, you have a direct access to me all day everyday...


...that's in case you encounter any difficulties, have any questions, inquiries or you need extra assistance. I will be readily available to you for the 5 month-period."

Is that not fair enough?


NEXT TRAINING DATE: February 15th-19th (Saturday-Wednesday)

How Much is Mhiz White's Organic Skincare Online Training?

The value of this Organic Skincare Training/Course is  over #175,000 Naira.

And for the past 3years+ ladies like you and I have paid between 20,000 and 85,000 Naira to learn the secrets of Organic skincare formulation from me.

Check out the images below for your confirmation;

...But you won't pay as much as 20,000 or 85,000 Naira.


Because, there's a Promo going on at the moment to empower more women.


In fact, you won't even be paying as much as 15,000 Naira. You will get all the things in the course outline, the ebooks & more for a lesser price this week Only.


And if you're a  "fast finger" and/or an "action taker", you will even get the whole package and more for a much more lesser price compared to what every other person will get this week.


Does, that sound good enough?


I guess you don't want to miss this limited opportunity to have a life-long transformation on your skin.


But why do I offer this Promo when I have customers that can pay more?


First, all fingers aren't equal. Over the past years, I have had students, housewives, low-income earners storm my inbox to plead with me, complain bitterly (some were even aggressive about it), over the high-price which they could barely afford.


So to make it go round, few days in a year, I throw in this promo so everyone that's interested would register/join, Asap.

 You may choose not to act fast today and miss out on the promo...I have already done my best for you.


NEXT TRAINING DATE: February 15th-19th (Saturday-Wednesday)

Promo Price Offer...

There are two different kinds of promo price offers available today. Feel free to choose the one you want...

Promo Price 1: Normal Promo-NP

This promo is for you; if you wish to join/register within this week to be part of Mhiz-White's Online Natural/Organic Skincare Training and enjoy all the Bonuses/Free Ebooks.

Promo Price 1 (NP) = N10,000


Promo Price 2: Special Sweeter Promo-SSP (Available Only Today)

This promo is for the "fast-finger" or the "Action-taker." This is for you; if you wish to join/register Today Today to be part of Mhiz-White's Online Natural/Organic Skincare Training and enjoy all the Bonuses/Free Ebooks. The 50% discount is a way I appreciate and reward you for NOT procrastinating.

Promo Price 2 (SSP) = N5,000



Tuesday, February 11th, 2020


DATE: February 15th-19th (Saturday-Wednesday)

VENUE: Whatsapp Group

TIME: 7:30PM-9:00PM Daily

PROMO PRICE 1 (NP) = #10,000 (Only Available THIS WEEK).

PROMO PRICE 2 (SSp) = #5,000 (Only Available TODAY).

The price goes back to #35,000 after 19th February.


How Do You Join the Training Now?

To Join the Training is very easy, just follow the instruction below;

  1. Click any of the buttons below according to what you want...(You must be ready to Join/Register before clicking any of the buttons).

If you're NOT ready to Pay right now and Join the training today, Click the button below for the "Normal Promo Price"

But, If you're ready to Pay right now and Join the training today, Click the button below for the Special Sweeter Promo (Extra 50% Discount)

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020



2. Proceed to make your payment to any of the account details below and Send your of proof of payment via Whatsapp, 09024679393

Step One
Pay Into Any of the ACCOUNTS Below;
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0237146952
ACCCOUNT: 2085247156
Step Two
Send your of proof of payment via Whatsapp to 09024679393

120-Days Money-Back Guarantee (Return Policy)

Are you Unhappy With Your Mhiz-White's Natural/Organic Skincare Course/Trainings/Ebooks

Or you feel that you didn't get enough for the amount we offered you?

Relax...I will Refund You COMPLETELY!

In case you feel like this course/Training didn't help you in any way, simply pick up your phone, Call/Whatsapp us on 09024679393 and we'll refund your complete money

We stand by our high-quality and High-efficacy recipes and your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.


Committed To Your Beauty and Flawless skin

Mhiz White Natural/Organic Skincare Expert


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