3 Packs for Just N21,500  (instead of N30,000)

-100% Natural Ingredients without Preservatives. Very effective for all

-The same very effective Diabetes Tea

-The Same Originality

-The Same 20 teabags/pack

-The Same Premium Quality

This Promo Ends in...

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We are pleading with you: DO NOT Place an order if you would be traveling in 1-5 days.

DO NOT place order if you don’t have the cash ready to receive your package in 1-5days.

We spend a lot of Money and Time shipping these items to your locations. So, we don’t want a situation; parcel arrives your location and you're not available to receive it or you start to give white lies to the delivery agent.


Unsolicited Testimonies...

LIMITED PACKS AVAILABLE...First to Order gets Serve first

Why are we giving this Huge Promo?

You see; We have sold Blood Sugar Balance Tea to over 871 Nigerians within the last 5  months (that was when we started taking records of those who "wanted to buy more and those that couldn't buy at all" due to the high price).


Almost all of those that bought called back to say they want more for their wife, mother, father, Friend or other loved ones who are diabetic. But here's the disturbing findings within those 5 months;


1. In that 5 months; Over 341 persons couldn't afford the tea at all due to the high-price. 

2. About 593 out of the 871 customers had someone who's diabetic they wanted to order more for, but the price was too high.

3. We also found a very huge number of Nigerians to have blood sugar health issues (type 2 diabetes)

4. Most of which are middle or low-income earners in desperate need to take care of their deteriorating Sugar conditions.

5. Some could call us crying with serious emotional explanations, others would flip and abuse us (why would we hoard such effective products, and not give it out free)...


So, we all at Arthritis & Diabetes Awareness decided to reduce our profits. So as to make this tea available, to more persons for a Limited Time.


...And don't get it wrong. We're NOT charity organization.




We are not actually at complete loss by doing "One-Time Limited Offer (3packs for N21,500)".


Nevertheless, this Promo will make this tea very much available and affordable to many (though NOT everyone will benefit from this promo)....


...This way, we have high volume of sales which increases turn-over for us. So we wouldn't be loosing so much profit.


So, it's a WIN-WIN situation for both of us.


Atleast, we put smiles on the faces of many individuals/families that get the tea through this promo; while we make good sales without loosing so much of our earlier profit.

These are the Benefits You get Using Sugar Balance Tea

  • Controlled Blood Sugar level
  • No More Frequent peeing
  • No More Headaches
  • No More Fatigue (weakness of the body and joints
  • No More Swollen foot
  • Clearer vision
  • Fast healing of wounds and cuts
  • Lowered Cholesterol (lipids) levels in your blood
  • No more inflammations, stomach or intestinal problems
  • No more sudden weight gain or weight loss


EXTRA Benefits...

The Sugar Balance Tea

  • Makes an effective defence for pancreas, active the Islet cells, improve the Islet function, enhance the secretion of insulin, promote the utilization of glucose
  • Lowers blood lipids and cholesterol,
  • Lower blood pressure and obesity
  • Removes anti-oxidants, resists free radicals, anti-inflammatory and reduces arthritis/knee pains.
  • Prevents heart problem
  • Strengthens the kidney, tonify the spleen and purifies the lung
  • Softens blood vessels and promotes blood circulation of heart


NOTE: This "Sugar Balance Tea" is NOT only for those that have High Blood sugar level. You can as well use the tea as a Preventive measure to Eliminate the Risk of ever having diabetes issues.

How to Use this Herbal Tea

1. Put 1 teabag in a cup (there are 20 teabags in one pack).

2. Pour in fresh boiling water and let the tea stay for 3-5 minutes.

3. Drink 1 teabag per time, twice per day (you can repeat a teabag once)

4. Take the tea 30 minutes after your breakfast and after dinner.


When you start using the Sugar Balance tea; the results is a gradual and continuous reduction of your blood sugar and blood cholesterol.

You would see for yourself how far you have gone in helping your body get rid of Diabetes and hypertension permanently without any side effects at all.


...Fresh Testimonies from those that got our tea just 2-3 weeks ago

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LAGOS, ABUJA, IBADAN & PH DELIVERY IS WITHIN 24 HOURS, WHILE DELIVERY OUTSIDE THOSE STATES TAKES 1-5 WORKING DAYS. If you have any question or inquiry Call or Whatsapp, 09039643864.

30-Days Return Policy

Unhappy With Your Sugar Balance Tea? We'll Take it Back and Refund You COMPLETELY!

In case you feel like this product didn't work for you; simply pick up your phobe, Call/Whatsapp us on 09039643863 and we'll refund your complete money

We stand by our high-quality and High-efficacy products and your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.


Committed To Your Health and Well-being

Arthritis and Diabetes Awareness

Office B18 Luxury Complex, Ire Akari Estate Road, Oluyole, Ibadan.


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